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Monday, April 25, 2016

Fanshawe/St. Peter's Seminary Trip to Haiti


Our first day went well.  We are adjusting to the warm and humid, but beautiful climate of Haiti. Our journey began from London, Ontario around 1:00 AM, and after a layover in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, we arrived in Port-au-Prince mid-afternoon. As we were flying overhead we noticed the landscape, including the developing agriculture. For example, small patchwork farms scattered up the mountainside. In contrast, the mountains were covered in fog. After going through customs in Haiti, we travelled by bus to Walls Guest House where we are staying the night. The traffic was somewhat chaotic, given the lack of stop signs and traffic lights. However, despite this the Haitian people drive impressively well.

Tomorrow we are travelling to Le Xaragua, which is by the seaside. As for right now, we are getting some shut eye before the journey continues.

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