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Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Busy Month

It has been a very busy month for both our Canadian volunteers and our Haitian partners.
The Haiti team has hosted back-to-back teams from Canada.
Groups from Fanshawe College & St. Peter's Seminary, and 2 groups from Lambton College.
This group of BScN students from Lambton held teaching sessions at the Sacred Heart Centre. 

Field Director Andre Jean Pierre reports:

The set up was perfect, having the beneficiaries all stay at the same stations and rotating around those that did the training was a great idea. This allowed us to keep control over the beneficiaries and not having confusion of people moving around and not being able to get a handle on what was going on. This also made it easier for us when serving lunch and or giving out out the gift packages that was handed out. This also gave a chance for the beneficiaries to see different trainers throughout the day.
 I personally floated around in the three work stations yesterday (the 2 trainings, and the assessment of the nutrition kids), and I must say the trainings were very interesting to the beneficiaries. They were all into it and had a lot of questions. Even some of the men (parents of the nutrition kids) were into the cervical cancer and sexual violence training. My only regret is that we did not get a chance to do one more training. Some of the parents spoke with me afterwards and they said that they were very satisfied and learned a lot from the training's yesterday. I think that visuals helped the trainings out a lot also, it gave the parents a chance to see it in action. This is one area that we (the SHC) have to improve in the training's we give we lack in visuals at times. But overall I think this was a very good experience for our beneficiaries. 

An Eyeglass Team is in the Haut de St. Marc area this week, providing the gift of sight to rural beneficiaries.

Den reports that after a long a very long bumpy, for the equipment, ride to our clinic site 50 clients had their vision requirements  evaluated on Day 1. On clinic day 2 they reached patient #128! The group problem solved to overcome computer problems. One more clinic day to go!

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