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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 3 - March 2015 Haiti Awareness Trip

Once again today, we started with a 6:30 am wake up call which most of us didn't mind due to the excitement for another beautiful day in the country of Haiti. After our 7am breakfast we began to pack up our belongings for our 830 am bus departure. As we left hotel Le Xaragua, again we were taken with the absolute beauty we were about to see while driving to Cap Haitian. Our first stop was at St. Patrick's High school. Unfortunately, we were unable to interact with the students because of their term exams being in process. We did have the pleasure to have a discussion with the principal as well with a few students. In our conversation with the principal, we talked briefly about some of the struggles the students face and their difficulty in paying their tuition. With the students, we had them practice English with us, and we practiced  our Creole with them. The group enjoyed a laugh as many students pulled out their cameras to take our photos. After our visit,  we started back on the road to continue our journey to Cap Haitian. Although the path was breathtakingly beautiful, it was not easy. Our group was incredibly thankful for our bus drivers concern for our safety while staying calm and cool!  With every turn, continuous honking could be heard from both directions of warning that a vehicle was approaching around all the hairpin turns. Many were mesmerized by the beauty, while some had to look away. The mountain views were too incredible to describe, and we all were left in awe.

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