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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day 5 March 2015 Haiti Awareness Trip

Our day began with the usual 630am wake up call and breakfast with the group. After our morning meal, we headed back to our rooms to pack our belongings for our next stop.  Our day planned till 1pm was to tour the city of  Cap Haitian with the staff members of the Sacred Heart Centre. The group was split into 3 smaller groups with 3 staff workers guiding us.
The first group visited the home of a staff member and walked through the incredibly energetic food market. The second group had the pleasure of being shown around a local hospital then accompanied through a fish market. The staff members also brought all groups around square park. The third group toured the hospital and had time to shop in a souvenir market. Everyone had the mutual feeling of respect for the hard workers of the SHC(Sacred Heart Centre) and were very appreciative for them to spend their day off accompanying us. 
With the ending of our tour through Cap Haitian we ate lunch together and said our goodbyes. A very heart felt goodbye was given to our interpreter (Idia), who shared her story that touched everyone in the group the day before. It was now time for the group to get on their flight scheduled for 3pm, but was delayed till 630pm.
By the time the flight was ready, everyone was so incredibly eager to get aboard. Together, we watched a beautiful sunset from above and had an astonishing view of Haiti. The group then landed back in Port-au-Prince, where they drove to their next place of stay, at Walls guest house. To end the day, we enjoyed dinner together, then reflection. 


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