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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rayjon Awareness Trip to Haiti
March Break 2016

Margaret's Blog- Day 2

After an excellent breakfast that included fresh mango and porridge, we visited St. Patrick's high school in St Marc and shared questions and answers with the students.  Bella made a special connection with one of the students who sent her a kind note.  Several of the students had individual interactions with the students and Chelsea was especially touched that one of the girls thanked her for visiting.  The St. Patrick's students from St. Marc told us that things they would like to have include a cafeteria and sports.  At the end of our visit, we just had to say the word photo and all the students swarmed to get into the picture.

Next we stopped for a lunch of goat soup (including parts of the goat some preferred not to eat) and rice and headed off to explore the market.  The market was an assault on the senses with the smells, crowds, narrow paths and all the yelling to catch our attention.

Next we visited a literacy centre for adults.  Maddy was especially impressed at the eagerness some of the adult students had to show how they could do the math and spell their names.On the drive back to our hotel, some of the girls saw some of the students they had met earlier in the day from our bus and waved to them. We all noticed how warmly people responded when we wave to them from the bus.  The day was real eye-opener for us all.

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