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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rayjon Awareness Trip to Haiti
March Break 2016

Margaret's Blog- Day 4

Best laid plans.  Today Joanna had plenty planned for us but it was not to be.  We visited a history museum in St. Marc to learn about Haitian history. The slaves in Haiti revolted and defeated the French.  It was a slave from Jamaica that had been sold in Haiti that encouraged and led the initial revolt.  We also learned about voo doo in Haiti and that it incorporates symbols from Catholicism because the slave masters wanted them to be Catholic.  So the slave fooled their masters by using Catholic symbols but having them represent voodoo spirits. We got back on the bus for the hour ride to Port Au Prince  and that's when plans fell apart.  A bridge was out that created a huge traffic jam and the trip took about 5 hours.  It did give us plenty of time to observe the people on the street.

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