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Friday, March 17, 2017

Day 3 March Break Awareness Trip to Haiti 2017

Just So You Know - Day 3
After a long physical day on day 2 we had a much different day today. We awoke to eat breakfast, get packed and move on from Hope's Nest. Our stay at Hope's Nest was incredible from the great food and beautiful property to the incredible hospitality of Paul and the staff. 
From there we boarded the bus and headed to a nearby museum built on an old sugar cane plantation. We were met by our English speaking tour guide (a man named Lindsay) who provided us as much Haitian history as he could fit into one hour. This was an incredible and enlightening experience for our group. Lindsay offered us a great experience that enhanced and tremendously added to the learning of Haiti's history that we did before starting our trip. 

Our next biggest challenge of our time in Haiti was the bus ride up to Cap Hatian. We were told this trip would be 5hrs at best but we could expect it to be longer. During this bus ride we did everything from "Haitian Bus Ride Karaoke" to creating group nicknames. Throughout the challenge there was also a lot of laughing and bonding.  We are all happy to report that after a 7hr trek including a stop for lunch we have made it safely to Deep River Mission House where we met our hosts Michael and Nancy and had a delicious dinner. 

In clarifying the name of this blog it stems from the many times today that trip leader Joanna started a sentence by saying "just so you know...". These sentences often ended with things like "'s never taken us this long before" and "the roads were much better last year".  The term "peachy fine" was also coined on our trip when it was the response to someone asking Joanna how she was doing at a time when daylight was fading, the road remained bumpy /full of puddles and the bus windshield was fogging to the point that it was very hard to see out of. 

Tomorrow we meet Rayjon partner Andre here in Cap Haitian who will show us to a nutrition centre and another Alpha Literacy program. 

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  1. Enjoyed the details of your day. Can imagine a bit of tension the last couple of hours. Good stories to share!