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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March Break Awareness Team Lands 2017

The Journey Begins...Haiti 2017.                                                       (submitted by Ian Mayo)

This trip is the first trip to Haiti for many of us though there are a few seasoned travellers among us. The trip started at 2am Tuesday morning when we met at Tim Hortons and headed to the Detroit airport were we ran into our first challenge. Our group had a microscope donated by Blue Water Health to bring to our Haitian partners. Upon arriving at the airport we found out we could not check it in the box it was in and would have to transfer it to a suitcase. After moving some things around it was padded in a suitcase. It was at this point that we discovered it weighed too much and we would be kept to the 50 pound limit. Additional reps king took place and Marlo, Lindsey and Joanna got it under 50.
Our flights both went smoothly including a layover in Ft. Lauderdale.

We got our first taste of Haiti when we arrived at the airport and experienced what seemed like chaos to us with a lot of people offering us rides and help with our baggage. Our drive to our first stop seemed equally chaotic though in reflecting we realized that what we saw was a way of doing things that we were not accustomed to but that appears to work all the same.

We have now settled at "Hopes Nest" after a delicious dinner and reflection time. Our host Paul spoke to us briefly and shared of the many projects he is involved with to help his fellow Haitians. Our group was shocked at the volume of work he is involved in.

Wednesday brings our first full day in Haiti which will involve splitting into two groups to hike to two different schools. We are told it will be our most tiring day!


  1. Glad to hear of safe arrival. Well done getting the microscope transported! - and so the learning continues.

  2. Dear Ian & Amanda: I am finally getting a chance to read your account of our amazing experience in Haiti. Thank you taking this on. You are both excellent writers. Can't wait for our new family's reunion.