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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day 4 March Break Awareness Trip to Haiti

Hi Heather. 

Please post this for us on Day 4 of our Awareness trip. Thanks!! 

Today was our first full day in Cap Hatian. We got an early start awaited those who would drive us. After sitting and wondering when they would arrive we eventually clued in that the Tap Tap Truck and other truck parked on the property were waiting patiently for us and had been for some time. Some miscommunication played a part in this and some lessons were certainly learned. Some of us got to experience the ride in the back of the Tap Tap Truck on our way into town.  We were to spend the day at the Sacred Heart Centre with Andre, Rayjon's field director in Haiti. Those who had never met Andre instantly fell in love and those who knew him from previous trips were reconnected. We met some of the staff working in the office and split into three groups to take a tour of the facility.   Our tour included spending time with the children in the Nutrition program who were identified as malnourished, children in the Nursery School and adults partaking in a Life Skills program focussing on sewing.  Our group found all three of these experiences fulfilling and allowed us to have more interactions with the Haitian people. 

After lunch with the staff of the centre we had some down time and were able to engage in a Question and Answer period with some of the staff and our translator. What we quickly learned is that they all share a passion for their country and a hope for progression for the Haitian people. It was a very enlightening experience and allowed us to gain a further understanding into some of the daily challenges. 
In the afternoon we visited two of the Alpha Literacy classrooms that take place at the centre. Both groups were lively and welcomed our presence. Some group members were able to engage in the learning process as well. 
We said our goodbyes until tomorrow and made our way back to Deep River Mission. Once back we enjoyed some downtime and a swim with some extra reflection and bonding among our group. 

We are excited for a walk-about tomorrow in the Cap Hatian markets and learning a little more about their daily life. 

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