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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Day 1 March Break Awareness Trip to Haiti 2018

Oh The Places You’ll Go

What started off as an early brisk morning turned into a hot, humid drive  from Port Au Prince to our accommodations at Hopes Nest. As a team we all agreed that the day was full of challenges from problems with our baggage to more problems with baggage. Our chosen virtue for today was collaboration, which was put into good use throughout the journey, as noted by working together to meet baggage weight limits, shuffling supplies between bags, eating lunch together, and reminders to stay hydrated. 

The drive out of the city to our accommodation was an experience in and of itself! From the interesting traffic laws, to the different infrastructure, and even a game of guess how many people fit on a motorcycle... we saw four! 

After arriving at Hopes Nest we met our host Paul and had a delicious meal prepared for us by our accommodation. We look forward to what the next steps in our journey will bring and we prepare ourselves for our morning hike

Michaela Cromwell 

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