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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March Break Awareness Team to Haiti 2018 is heading home!


Do Your Best With What You Have

For our last morning in Cap we toured the market. Odette welcomed us in to her home and we were able to meet her family.  We had lunch with our hosts from the Sacred Heart Centre.  They made us feel so welcome the entire time.  In our time here we’ve seen how many challenges Haitian people battle daily.  They are incredibly strong people.  

We had a quick entrance to the airport with a short flight to Port Au Prince.  We were greeted by our new hosts at the air port and brought to St. Joseph’s Boys Home.  We learned the amazing work that has touched many lives in this tiny part of Port Au Prince.  Bill shared how this work came to be and his love of God.  Bill played his Djembe (drum) and Wootrod sang and played his guitar.  We were blessed to hear their incredible talents. 

- Sally Parkinson

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