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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Day 2 March Break Awareness Trip to Haiti 2018

The day started with another early morning to get a head start on our hike up to Pinson. 

There are close to no words to describe our experience. For those who decided to climb the 2 hours and a half hours, the hike was challenging and hot but absolutely breath taking. 

Upon arriving to Pisnon we were welcomed by an assembly of singing, dancing, and plays. Sheets were hung from the rafters as curtains and music was blasting from the speakers we had brought up on the truck. For almost all of us, the highlight of our day was how engaged the students became when the teacher started to sing and dance. By the end of our visit we found ourselves all dancing together. 

It was decided due to lack of time and water, we had to all take the truck down the mountain in order to make it in time to the alpha program.

The bumpy ride down had all flying out of our seats, but with our trusty driver Luc, we had nothing to worry about. 

When we got to the alpha program, we were disappointed to hear we were too late to see a program in session. Although we were lucky enough to have 4 women in the program wait around just in case to share some words about their experience and their appreciation. 

We finished our day back at our accommodations (Hopes nest) with a delicious meal provided by the staff. The days virtue to discuss at reflection was curiosity and all of us were definitely curious. 

How do all the children at the school make it up that mountain every day? 

How can you convince parents to keep their kids in school?

How can you provide enough water to a school that’s in the mountain? 

With today being such a eventful first day, we wonder what’s in store for tomorrow with a trip up to Cap Haitian. 

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