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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Haiti Day 2

Donkey for 1!
We wake bright and early at 7am to prepare for what will later be know as a grueling hike against natures  elements.  After a delicious breakfast we head out for a school in Pinson.

As we walk along our hike becomes both entertaining and eventful couples with flowing streams, lush mountains and rolling rocks. We hiked up hill and down for a total of 4.5 hours with a brief visit at an elementary school.

Upon approaching Pinson- a school off a very remote path, we were able to witness class in session.
While visiting we played with balloons that Marlo provided, which brought glee and a time of play.  Pinson provided insight into the dedication that the people of Haiti have into what they believe in- as some teachers within the country do not get paid for their jobs yet they still present each day without complaint and in impeccable dress. This is an element of responsibility and dedication that each of us respect and hope to bring home to our own lives. 

After being serenade by the children and Barb receiving her own personal concert of Happy birthday we started off on adventure #2.

This second half was both a sight to be seen and heard- definitely a time to be a fly on one of our backpacks. So we started walking with our entourage of children from Pinson in tow, hiking up hill once again on extremely rocky terrain, when it begins to rain cats and dogs. The rocks were so slippery that to get good footing on zero incline was chancy at best, but we tried, with the guidance of 6-10 year old we navigated the path one step at a time. Had we not had our helpers along with our guides Michelette, a teacher from the school and Luknor we would of been not only lost but bruised and battered from falling. 

About halfway to our new residence at Gilbert one of our fearless leaders, Joanna, took a terrible fall along the path, injuring her left ankle. With the help of the team she was able to disperse her luggage and water bottle and was guided arm in arm by our guides. Once she provided the OK we took a breather by a local farm. With the group of "Blanc's" and our Haitian leaders all gathered about we drew a crowd. Luckily this also brought about the kindness of a local farming family who provided their mother donkey, and saddled her up with clothes and a blanket in order to provide Joanna a mode of transportation which she rode, with the leadership of the matriarch of the family along with Michelette and the school teacher, making it safely to our destination.

Once the remainder of the group made it to Gilbert we were greeted by fellow Rayjon volunteers and stories about the hysterical sight of mother Joanna riding in on a donkey as Jesus once did many years prior.  

As we wrapped up our night with a delicious meal made on a fire stove and Joanna's ankle tended to with care by Merta (a nurse at the dispensary clinic), we reflected on the obstacles of the day and dried ourselves the best we could for a good nights sleep.

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