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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hurry up, wait, smell this, by the way your flight is cancelled

We are in our home stretch of our travels.  We have our final breakfast all together followed by a mini packing party to prepared our purchased Artizan art work for the long travel home. We hop on our first of two flights home.  The flight is pretty smooth, except for the medical emergency of another passenger mid flight in which many health professionals responded including Dianne. Once we land in NYC at JFK airport we find out that we will be hosted by the Big apple for a couple extra hours as all flights have been delayed due to weather. We follow our personal guide (an airport staff) who guides us through the chaos of the airport as hundreds await their boarding call.  Once we get all hyped up to make attempt number two home, we find out that it is CANCELLED following a second delay. So three of our finest, both Barb's and Sara, march on over to the help desk and score us a hotel and flight from La Guardia airport, and some snacks.  We spread out into 2 groups again- cause apparently a group of 8 is hard to accommodate in North America as well, and scatter to our hotels for a brief 2.5 hour stay.  
We awake within a couple hours of a power nap and rush off to La Guardia airport in NYC.  When we arrive we are pleased to find out that our plane is leaving as scheduled.  The beginning of our flight is a little rocky as the plane tips from side to side before further ascending. After a long night and two flights later we finally touch down in Toronto and finish our last stage as we merge onto the 401. By noon we make it back to Sarnia and reality. 
We return from Haiti but part of our hearts remain there and so in honour of our experiences and the effect that the country and it's people had on our hearts and minds, we will spread awareness of what we saw and heard. We will never forget our time in Haiti.


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