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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Haiti day 5

This morning we awake at Stella Maris, a convent in Cap Hatien. We complete our usual morning routines then head off to a local kindergarten school. The drive in is a reminder of just how alive and driven the city and it's people are as there are countless vendors set up with bold colours looking to sell what they can. The children we meet are curious and delighted to see us. We play, feed, and communicate through action with these adorable, innocent beings.  Today, we learn that it is the pre holiday for Flag day (Nov. 18), which honours the independence of Haiti. Due to the children being so young they are unable to make the trek to the monument in town along with all the adults as they parade along the streets dancing, singing and playing music, therefore they allow the young children a day to visit on their own. Once we arrive at the monument there is a sea of children all dressed in their schools finest with little ties and bows in their hair. We take a few pictures before heading back on our way with the kiddies in tow.

Our second Rayjon support centre that we visit is at the nutrition and micro finance centre. Here we are able to feed toddlers, see the Alpha program (a literacy program for adults) in session, and interview some of the beneficiaries from the programs. Today was a  day that each of us felt was both highly stimulating in terms of the sights and sounds we heard but also enlightening as it allows us to gain some insight into some of the circumstances that lead individuals to obtain service from the programs and see how they are affecting the children who were once malnourished but no longer are. 


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