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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Haiti day 6
Leaving on a jet plane

Today marks our last day in Cap Haitien. We pack our bags and head out for Sacred Heart-the nutrition and micro management centre. When we arrive we meet up with some of the staff that we met the previous day, who provide a tour of Cap Haitien. We break up into 2 groups, one ventures over to the lively market to check out local and imported goods and another seeks out a local hospital.  Through our walks we gain additional history on Cap Haitien and Haiti as a whole as we bare witness to what a resilient country Haiti has been after so much turmoil. 
Following our goodbyes to our interpreter Iddea, in country coordinator Andre, and administrator Waikque we hop onto a very tiny 18 person flight to Port Au Prince.
We safely arrive in Port Au Prince and are greeted by another beautiful city. Port appears as notably cleaner as there is less garbage lining the road and the scent of urine and sweat is mild. We settle in for the evening sitting pool side and chatting till the moon light becomes our night lamp. 


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