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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Haiti Day 3

The calm after the storm

6:30 am wake up call from a collection of joyful singing children arriving at Gilbert. 
As we awake from a night filled with roasters crowing and rain pouring like buckets of water, we we dress and prepare for another day.

Our group received a tour of the Gilbert school and dispensary clinic. This tour allowed for insight into how a couple buildings in a very remote area in a third world county can turn into a life saving facility for both medical purposes and education- both of which open a world of new possibilities and opportunities for life, all with a limited budget and resources. 

After our tour we split into two groups- one which obtains transportation to a local school out side of St. Marc and a second group that took a more active route of hiking back- a hike that was much more smooth going then the previous day had been.

Upon regrouping we go for a tour of a local market in St. Marc. It was a sight that could rival the St. Lawerence market in Toronto as it was full with everything from electronics and generators to an endless amount of shoes and material, that stacked 2 booths deep.

Following our tour we stop for a bite to eat before returning to our oasis of a hotel and relaxing for the remainder of the evening in our nice dry clothes

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