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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Haiti day 4

"Heartbreak kid 
Once again we have an early morning start- up at 6:30, breakfast by 7:30 and on the road by 8.
A couple of us grab some last minute gifts before heading on our way to St. Patricks school in Saint Marc. We present with hopes of engaging in and swapping stories about our native lands, a goal that is successfully obtained. Once we arrive we meet a grade 12 class who is learning English upon arrival. The professor surprised us with his fluency in English, providing a good laugh when he answered in English despite our assumption that he would need an interpreter.  We were able to receive some input as to what their hopes are for the school, such as a bus for field trips and a chemistry lab to pursue a vocational goal as a doctor. This is a moment that particularly sticks our for all of us during reflection, as the young man speaking made very logical and reasonable requests, something that we doubt our Canadian boys would do given all the luxuries we have. It also shows just how resourceful teachers must have to be in order to produce a lesson without a "smart board" or computer.

Our second class is grade 11's who are learning French literature. This was a class of inquisitive minds as they fired question after question at us regarding Canada and who we are, with an added dose of flattery including an "I love you". This is a school that we would all have liked to spend more time at but unfortunately we were unable to, however we did have a chance to speak one on one with 2 brothers- 1 of which was the young man who spoke up in the first class about his dream of being a doctor.  After a couple pictures taken and a good conversation had we are once again on the road, this time to Cap Hatian.

At 12:20 pm we stop for lunch break. As we sat and ate our "nutritious" meal of Pringles, Oreos and PB and J sandwiches we soaked up the sun and a view that is spectacular with endless mountains and lush terrain. While eating, our youngest guide Johnston sought out water from a local friend of Fauxbert, in order to cool down the engine. Upon his return, the engine was cooled and bellies full, we returned to the long and winding road.

 Like any good trip there will be glitches along the way, well today was no exception when one of the Barb's lost her glasses which were suspected to of fallen out of her pocket during our picnic. Fauxbert, being the socialite that he clearly was able to contact the same guys that drive Johnston to get water, to search for the missing glasses- and successfully find them, which they do. Once the mystery of the missing glasses was solved we were once again on the road for Cap Hatian. The scent in the air is a mix of harvest- the sugarcane, rice and natural country air. The sights include farmers harvesting rice, children dressed in school uniform and adults shopping at local markets, walking and conversing with one another. When we arrived at the convent safely, thanks to the good graces of God and the careful driving of Fauxbert, we send off our guides who will return to Saint Marc as we continue on our trip with a new interpreter and driver, whom we will begin our day with tomorrow.   


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