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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Haiti day 1

Waking up

November 10,2014

12am the cars are packed and bellies full from a very delicious Italian dessert and 8 ladies strike out on an awareness trip of a lifetime.  We become "mules" for the day as we are stacked with personal belongs and much needed supplies for the country of Haiti. 

6:11 am- We fly out of Toronto and the comfort of our home country and into JFK airport where it is a dash to get our next flight to arrive in Port au Prince. 

2:35 pm- We safely land in the beautiful country of Haiti where we were faced with every travellers nightmare- lost luggage.  Our leaders Dianne and Joanna worked diligently on getting things arranged to obtain their luggage safely tomorrow. 

Once we left the airport we head straight for the hotel with a beautiful view at that. 

The drive to the hotel provided a gentle glimpse into what the living conditions are here and how just how much the sales industry supports them as there were miles and miles of stands along the roads that provided posts for jugs that ranged from some mysterious liquid in a bottle to good ole bottled water.  


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